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10 Places That Will Make You Want to Visit Abaco, Bahamas

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Ready to travel off the beaten path in The Bahamas? These 10 places will show you why Abaco might be the right island for you on your next Bahamian vacation.

For those of you that are new.. welcome to my blog! My name is Savanna Crowell and I'm a wanderer who likes to share travel tips and favorite destinations. If you are interested in knowing more about my background, travels, or dreams in life, check out the 'About Me' section of my website. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram @slc_travels to join me on my journeys!

From turquoise waters, pristine beaches, swimming pigs, and historical towns. The Bahamas will speak for itself on why it's such a popular travel destination.

1. Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay will always be #1 for me. The beach is no other, and is famous for being not only one of the most pristine beaches in The Bahamas, but also in the world! This town is about a 1 hour drive north from the major city on the island, Marsh Harbor. While you're here don't forget to grab delicious bakery items and treats at Florence's Cafe!

2. No Name Cay

Here you can find Piggyville! The infamous swimming pigs are only found on two islands of The Bahamas and No Name Cay is one of them. While you're here you can also grab some lunch (for yourself and the pigs) and a cocktail at Big O's beach bar and restaurant. The food to feed the pigs is $5 and you can purchase it at their gift shop.

3. Hope Town

Located on Elbow Cay, Hope Town is one of the cutest towns within Abaco. It is best known for its instagrammable, and historic, red and white striped lighthouse! This lighthouse is the last operational manual lighthouse in the WORLD. You can even climb to the top of the lighthouse for free and get the best views overlooking the beach, ocean, and town.

4. Tahiti Beach

Also located on Elbow Cay, Tahiti Beach is one of the best beaches in Abaco. Come during low-tide to experience multiple sandbars that are perfect for shell hunting, and even grab lunch and drinks at the food boat (like a food truck, but a boat) that comes to the water near the beach during lunchtime!

5. Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay is a beautiful outer island of Abaco. It's a very quaint and historic little town. You have to take a ferry from Treasure Cay ($20/roundtrip), but it makes a great day trip! Don't forget to check out Green Turtle Club for a nice lunch or dinner.

6. Nipper's

Located on Great Guana Cay, this beach bar and grill gained fame even before Justin and Hailey Bieber announced their engagement at it! It's loved by locals and tourists and is a must see stop for anyone whether you want to grab a drink, enjoy the beach, or go snorkeling off the reef! Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Dorian the bar and restaurant got completely destroyed. Hoping they will re-build, but for now you can still enjoy the world-class snorkling and pristine beach!

7. Pete's Pub & Gallery

A hidden gem of Abaco, Pete's Pub is more than a delicious restaurant and fun beach bar. The rocky coast, abandoned lighthouse, and caves scattered around the cove make for an awesome adventure day trip! It's located on the mainland of Abaco, and near Winding Bay.

8. Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay is a gorgeous outer island of Abaco. You guys have already seen two places that are on the island: Hope Town and Tahiti Beach, but besides these places the island has amazing restaurants, beach bars, and beaches. Must-stop places include Firefly Sunset Resort and Restaurant, Abaco Inn, and On Da Beach.

9. Sawmill Sink

This natural wonder is about 30 minutes south of Marsh Harbor. You can go swimming for free in it, or if you are a big adventurer you could even go scuba diving through the underwater caves! Blue holes are pretty common throughout The Bahamas, but this one is unlike others. You can find fossils of ancient tortoises and other animals and experience sea-life like you've never seen in this 100-foot sinkhole/cave system.

10. Grabber's

Another amazing beach bar on Great Guana Cay! Only accessible via private boat, but it's built back up from Hurricane Dorian and is definitely worth a visit to swim in their gorgeous pool or the crystal clear ocean, and order a Grabber (their signature drink)!

My Happy Place

These are just a few of my favorite places in Abaco. I hope I have inspired you to check out Abaco for your next vacation to The Bahamas! It's honestly one of my favorite places in the world and is truly paradise. The islands are still hurting from Hurricane Dorian and need tourists now more than ever so they can continue to build back bigger and even better! Until next time friends..keep exploring!! xxx, Savanna


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